Lower tuition for Turks

This year we offer a fee deduction in the Greek language courses for Turkish citizens who would like to attend one or more of the following 11 day Greek language courses:

  • May 20-30 (10 lessons in 11 days)
  • June 17-27 (10 lessons in 11 days)
  • July 11-21 (10 lessons in 11 days)
  • August 17-27 (10 lesson in 11 days)

Lower tuition for Turkish citizens: 

  • 590€ Including accommodation at Ikarian Centre’s guesthouse in shared room, course materials and basic shuttle service
    (+100€ for accommodation in a private room)

Two locations combine the mountains and the sea!

Classes and activities take place every other day at the Ikarian Centre’s campus, in the mountainous village of Arethousa.  On alternate days classes are held at Hotel Atheras, in the coastal village of Evdilos. For detailed information regarding the daily schedule of each course, please click here

Local transport

We recommend the students staying at the Centre’s guesthouse in Arethousa to rent a scooter or a car (200€/10days), or  share a car with an additional cost of 70€ each person. In this way they will be free to explore the island during their free time. Alternatively a free basic shuttle service between the guesthouse and Evdilos is provided every time the course is taking place in Evdilos. The bus departs every morning before the lessons, and returns in the evening after the end of the activities.

For students staying in Evdilos a free shuttle service is provided every time the lesson is taking place in Arethousa (departure before and after class hours).

There is no regular bus service between Evdilos and Arethousa, also hiring a bicycle is not an option because of the mountainous terrain.


The guesthouse in Ikaria

On-campus accommodation at the Centre’s guesthouse in Arethousa, in a room with other students is included in tuition. Private room for one or two people may also be an option after arrangement, with an extra charge (100€).

Accommodation in hotels and “rooms to rent” of the region is also possible, but not included in the tuition. For the accommodation fee at hotels Kerame and Atheras, please click here

On-campus accommodation facilities

  • Common kitchen; and kitchenette + private bathroom in every room
  • Free wifi
  • Free access to washing machine if you would like to wash your clothes.
  • Linen
  • Breakfast is not served at the guesthouse; however, the guests may use the kitchenettes in their rooms and the common kitchen in order to prepare their own breakfast and simple meals.

Total budget

  • Food, including wine, in a local restaurant costs around 10-12 Euros.
  • Coffee: 1-3 Euros, depending on the place
  • As you can prepare simple meals in the common kitchen and the kitchenette of your room, the minimum expenses for 10 day course would not be more than 50€


Use the following online registration form and mention the country of origin: Turkey https://goo.gl/forms/Ey4PONBQ688hCZDn1

The registration must be followed by a registration fee equal to 100€.  More information will be sent after the submission of the registration form.
Cancellation policy: If you cancel your registration: We offer a full refund of payments if you cancel before the 10th of the month which is two months prior to the month of the course starting date (i.e. before the 10th of June if the course starts in August). After this deadline there will be no refund. However, you reserve the right to re-register in a class in the same or the following year.

How to get to Ikaria from Turkey

Travel by ferries (you can also bring your car):
For the ferries to Ikaria check www.hsw.com If possible prefer the port of Evdilos, as it is much closer to the centre.

  • Pireas -> Agios Kirikos or Evdilos (Ikaria) by ferry
  • Aivalik -> Mytilini then Mytilini -> Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) by ferry
  • Cesme -> Chios, then Chios -> Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) by ferryKusadasi -> Samos, then Samos (Vathy
  • or Karlovasi) -> Evdilos (Ikaria) by ferry
    Meader travel (Kusadasi) – Byship (Samos)Drive to Kavala, then Kavala -> Agios Kirikos or Evdilos
  • (Ikaria) by ferry (24h trip)

Travel by plane


  • Do you have my level?
    The classes are formed after students’ arrival as we must evaluate at the same time and comparatively all language skills (speaking, listening, writing and reading) of all of our students in order to achieve the formation of highly homogeneous classes. For this reason, we are using both a written placement test and an oral interview. Note that as the classes are small, the curriculum is always adapted to the real needs of each student in the class. An online version of the placement test is also sent to the students after registration, although the submission of this test is not necessary before the students’ arrival on the island. For a description of the levels, follow the link
  • What exactly is the method you are using?
    Check the related page here
  • When do I have to arrive on the island?
    The first lesson takes place on the afternoon of the day mentioned in the schedule as the first day of the course. In this way students may also travel to Ikaria in the morning of the first day. However, you are expected to arrive one day earlier. The last lesson takes place on the day mentioned as the last day of the course. If you are staying at the guesthouse, you are expected to leave the day after. However, you can extend your stay for a couple of extra days if necessary and if there is availability in rooms.
  • How to get to Ikaria?
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  • Where can I rent a car or a scooter?
    Check the related page: Scooters and cars in Ikaria

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