Low tuition for 34 year old and younger

Are you 34 year old or younger and you want to participate in one of our Greek language courses with a friend of yours of the same age?

The tuition is equal:
– For 11 day course: 495€ each (x2=990€ for two persons)
– For 17 day course: 695€ each (x2=1390 for two persons)
– For 2 session of 11 day course (22 day course): 925€ each (x2=1850€ for two persons)
The fee includes accommodation at the guesthouse, in a room for two persons. The tuition is paid with the registration. If you cancel your participation, the tuition is not refutable, but you can re-register in another course, with your friend or alone, the same or the next year.
More info regarding the courses in Ikaria and registration form: