Traditional dance lesson at Arethousa

Μain square of Arethousa, August 28th 2017, at 19.00.

Welcome to Ikaria, the island that many people referred to in Greek as “longevity heaven” or “the island, where people forget to die”. The island where time is a relative concept and the word anxiety doesn’t exist in the vocabulary of the locals.

One of the most important keys to longevity is their participation to cultural events like the famous “panigyria” where locals find another chance to celebrate life.

Traditional music and dance are the main features of the “panigyria”.

Come and dance in a circle with us to experience this music and dance tradition of Ikaria, a cultural initiative organised by Dialogos-Ikarian Center.

If you want to register text or call (+30)6947419771 or contact us

Free admission