“All Greek to you?” Learn some Greek, just for fun!

In 4 hours, in just one day learn a few basic Greek and start to communicate with the locals in their language! At the same time, learn the basics about the structure and the functioning of the Greek language. Because, who knows? Maybe, Greek will capture you!

The course is aimed at single people, groups of friends and families with children. Classes can also be organized specifically for a family or group of friends.

The lessons are held at the campus of the Ikarian Centre, near the mountain village of Arethousa. You can come with your car or if you are a group of 4 or more people we can organise your transfer, after consultation. Please note that access to the campus, for the last 1.5 km, is done through a dirt road.


4 hours (including a 1 hour break with snacks and coffee)


You can register any time, but you must inform us at least two days in advanced. If you would like to register in a course, contact us and mention the day/time you would like to participate, as well as if you are alone or the number of people who are participating with you.

Tuition fees

60€ / person. For families and groups of friends consisted by 4 or more people there is 5% deduction.