Greek language course during the Carnival

The carnival of Evdilos, a small Ikarian village, is not that famous as other carnivals, like the carnival of Rio de Janeiro for example 🙂 However it is a big event for the island. During the Greek language lessons, students will participate in the last preparations of this event, will also interview the locals regarding the roots and the influence of this tradition. Of course the hidden aim of all these is to create osmosis between the community of our students and the locals. In this way we believe that our students will practice the language and multiply their motivation to continue their studies in Greek language.

The weather in March is unstable and the beach is not an option. Some visits to Evdilos for shopping, a tsipouro or and the nearby Karavostamo are organized according to the mood of the group. After the lessons students can have lunch together with the teachers. Course activities also include visits to local families, where students can participate in the daily activities of the family (gardening, cooking, feeding the animals etc).

As most of the locals do not speak any other language and the teachers keep speaking Greek even outside the classroom, you must be prepared to listen and speak Greek a lot, even if you are a beginner.