Photography workshop for Greek language students

Photography workshop for Greek language students

Improve your Greek while attending a photography workshop on the island of Ikaria.
Combine the joy that art gives with learning Greek: During afternoon conversation classes with an experienced Greek language teacher you’ll learn new words, correct mistakes in grammar and improve your ability to express yourself in Greek. For level B1 or higher.

  • When? 10-18 May 2017 (9 days)
  • Where? Ikarian Centre, Arethousa, Ikaria. More information about our facilities at:
  • How many participants? 5-14 people
  • Language: only Greek!
  • Tuition: Fill your email address in this form and you’ll receive details directly in your inbox
    (-15%, -10% or -5% deduction in tuition for early bird registrations)

Whom this workshop is intended for:

This workshop is intended for intermediate and advanced users of the Greek language (levels B1 – C2).  Participants must be able or willing to make an effort to understand a native Greek speaker. Previous knowledge and experience in photography is not required. Both amateur photographers with prior experience who would like to improve their skills, as well as beginners who would like to learn the basic techniques and principles of photography, are welcome to participate.

Why should I participate?

If you are interested in photography and at the same time in advancing your knowledge of Greek, this is your chance to improve your skills in both areas! Apart from the daily engagement with the photographer and the staff of the Centre, evening conversation classes will be offered, helping participants to correct their mistakes in grammar and syntax, enrich their vocabulary and improve their speaking skills. The days end at a local tavern or at a “panigiri,” where participants have the opportunity to continue to practice their Greek and enjoy a good time with their classmates, instructors and other staff.


The entire group, including participants, instructors, and organizers, stays together at the Ikarian Centre’s guesthouse, in a rural setting outside the village of Arethousa, at an altitude of 300 m, but only 3 km from the sea. This allows for the development of personal relationships and further discussion on art-related topics, even outside of class time. You can reserve a private room, for you alone or for you and another person who will join you on the trip. Each room is equipped with 2 beds, a kitchenette and private bathroom. Further facilities and services include linen, access to a washing machine and free wifi. Breakfast is not served, but participants may prepare their own breakfast and simple meals in their room or in the large common kitchen.

Daily program

9:30 – 11:00 Photography workshop, lectures*
11:00 – 13:00 Photography excursions**
13:00 – 19:30 Break for food and swimming
19:30 – 21:00 Practicing Greek in conversation classes
* The topics of the workshop lectures include:
1) The camera, and metering. 2) Introduction to artistic photography. 3) Rules and composition of the frame. 4) Camera shutter and speed, depth, prospective, lines. 5) Saturation, flash, ISO, lenses, multiple adjustments in relation with the conditions of shooting. 6) Multiple exposition, painting with the light. 7) Negative space, volumes and balances.
** Some photography excursions to remote spots of the island last until late in the (Greek) afternoon (19:00) and are combined with lunch and swimming.

Equipment / materials

You must bring a tripod support for your camera, and of course your camera, with at least one lens. Also a dictionary, if you think that it would be useful.


Send us the following registration form as soon as possible, but before March 10, 2017:
A 290€ deposit is required. The balance must be paid upon arrival on the island, at the beginning of the workshop.

The photographer

Nectarios is a young native Greek speaker and photographer, with ten years of experience in conducting photography workshops, digital image processing and video. He has experience in teaching both children and adults and has specialized in experiential educational seminars (

Click here to see photos from his previous photography workshops on Ikaria.

Nektarios has worked as a photographer for more than fifteen years, and has served as the official photographer for the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki during the past three years. He cooperates with the OTE-Museum of Telecommunication (OTE is the national telecommunication provider in Greece, and the biggest in the country), creating videos and covering various events. He is the official photographer of the PhotoBiennale of Thessaloniki and cooperates with the Museum of Photography, and the Biennale of the State Museum of Contemporary Art. He is also experienced in shooting social events, theatrical and musical events, and in commercial photography products. He has also collaborated for many years with the magazine “Parallaxi” (, and the newspaper “Messenger” in 2003-2005. He was a political campaign manager, experienced in creating billboards, brochures, etc. He has also created several multimedia DVD and virtual art museum applications.

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