Greek literature summer courses

Greek literature summer courses
Arethousa, Ikaria

Two Greek Literature summer courses are on the schedule for 2018:
– 4-12 July 2018,
– 4-12 September 2018
The second course is a repetition of the first

The Greek Literature summer courses are intended for adults who are speakers of modern Greek as a second language, and who can understand a literary text in Greek as well as discuss the text and express their opinion about it, again in Greek.  During the course we will look at excerpts from literary texts and poems chosen from Greek literature of the 20th century.  The aim of the course is both the enrichment of vocabulary and an increased facility in expression for each student, as well as an increased knowledge of Greek authors and trends in Greek literature.  A better understanding of Greek history and culture is an additional benefit.


10 day course (10 lessons in 10 days, 40 hours of tuition + 10h of activities)


4-10 students in a single class


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