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Greek language courses on the island of Ikaria:
Spring, August November, in Arethousa

The following Greek language courses will take place on-campus, in Arethousa, during 2018. The Greek language courses during June, July and September will all take place at hotel Atheras in Evdilos. Note that the special courses “Greek literature” and “reading adventure” will also take place on-campus, although are not included in the following list.

– March 31-April 10, 2018: Easter course
– May 15-25, 2018: Spring course
– July 29 – Aug. 8, | July 29 – Aug. 15, | Aug 11-21, 2018: Summer courses in Arethousa
– November 2-12, 2018: Greek language course in combination with olive harvest

– 10 lessons in 11 days, (36 hours of tuition + 18h of activities, the equivalent  to a two week course). You can also register for 2 or more 10 day courses in a row.
– 15 lesson course, (54h of tuition +24h of activities, the equivalent to a three week course)