About DIALOGOS & Ikarian Centre

DIALOGOS is a very small non-profit organiztation. It’s heaquarters are located in Arethousa, on the island of Ikaria. DIALOGOS was founded around 8 years ago. The initiative was taken after a free parallel Greek – Turkish language course we organized with friends and colleagues in Samos, at 2008. The idea was, and still is, to use the language lessons as a tool against fanaticism, prejudices and intolerance. We continue on this path, buy organizing language lessons and common actions with Turks and Greeks.

Apart from fanaticism and prejudices for the “other” beyond the borders, there is also the degradation of the quality of life. For this, DIALOGOS also tries to develop environmental projects and actions, that help to improve the quality of our life as well as the quality of life of our community. In this way we end up to “project pathways”, the volunteering, our effort to host more lessons in the facilities of Arethousa, for the Ikarians and the visitors of the island

DIALOGOS today is hosted by Ikarian Centre in the facilities in Arethousa and it is resposible for the Greek language courses and all actions and events that take place on the island of Ikaria.

Greek language & learning holiday