Initiatives & Volunteering

We are not just a Greek language school & learning centre. We do care about environment. We also worry about the rise of intolerance and fanaticism. For this reason we have established “Dialogos”, a non-profit organization that promotes low-scale projects and actions based on volunteering. Dialogos is a local organization. Its headquarters are on the island of Ikaria and runs the Ikarian Centre’s campus in Arethousa. Dialogos’ initiatives aim to motivate people, mainly local people of Ikaria, to protect their environment. “Dialogos” also aims to motivate Greek and Turks living in both sides of the borders to go beyond prejudices, intolerance  and fanaticism and start a dialogue between them. Therefor with Dialogos we are running projects based on volunteer work, like the “project Ikaria pathways“, an effort to clean and mark footpaths in Arethousa, Ikaria, and common educational and cultural actions with Turkish citizens, like  parallel Greek – Turkish language course