About us

Since 1995, we have offered intensive Greek language courses at all levels, and special language courses for advanced students, on the picturesque Greek island of Ikaria. Since 2008 we have offered Greek language courses year around in Norway (Oslo), on-line, as well as in the city of Thessaloniki. The Greek language courses are intended for:

  • Adults who wish to learn Greek or to improve their Greek while acquiring a deeper knowledge of Greece and its culture;
  • Archaeologists, classicists and teachers of Ancient or Modern Greek;
  • Interpreters and translators.

Courses for kids

Summer Greek language camps for kids of different age groups, with the special bonus of interaction with local children who are learning foreign languages. More info: http://kids.ikariancentre.com


Independent art projects and courses in integration with the local Ikarian communities, and teaching the Greek language through art.Why can’t we use art to teach a new language? This is a challenging question, and we try to answer it through some of our courses that you can find on these pages.


Local, small scale initiatives for intercultural dialogue and the promotion of sustainable tourism.