Learn Greek in Greece with your friends & pay less!

  • Low tuition for enrollment of two or more students
    980 Euros for two students (490 Euros/person)
  • Valid for the following lesson in Evdilos, Ikaria
    July: 1-12/72019 - Offers deadline: May 15th
    September: 9-20/9/2019 - Offer deadline June 15th

If you are learning Greek with a friend, the two of you might want to participate in one of the lessons above and take advantage of this low fee. Tuition includes 40 teaching hours of lessons (Mon-Sat and Mon – Fri 9:00 – 12:30) and course materials. It does not include accommodation. For accommodation we suggest the Hotel Atheras, where the course will take place. Accommodation at hotel Atheras is not obligatory; you can reserve accommodation through airbnb or find a room after your arrival. Note that activity hours are limited during the lessons in Evdilos. More regarding the Greek language lessons in Evdilos