Call for artists

Art residency and hosting of art lessons

Are you an artist or teacher, looking for a lovely and peaceful spot in which to host your own course, art project  or meeting?  You are welcome to use the Ikarian Centre’s campus and guesthouse, at any time from May to November, for small groups of 2 to 14 people.

The guesthouse is located 1,5 Km from the mountain village of Arethousa, in an isolated rural area, at an elevation of 300 m, and is one of the host sites for the Centre’s language students when language courses are in session. It is approximately 8 km from Evdilos (the harbor town of northern Ikaria), and about 3 km (45 minutes on foot) from the sea. The view is fantastic and your contact with nature is immediate and real. Up to 18 people can be accommodated at one time, with double occupancy. Each room is bungalow style, with its own entrance, private bathroom and kitchenette. A large common and well-equipped kitchen is at the disposal of the whole group. There is also one large studio and an office.

The remoteness and beauty of the site ensures that people can relax and concentrate on their projects. We provide free accommodation for the teacher and access to the studio and common facilities for the entire group; we also provide free shuttle service to Evdilos and nearby areas, according to the needs of the group.

The campus and facilities will be dedicated to your group, without other visitors being on-campus at the same time. We will charge your students a fixed accommodation fee, without setting a minimum number of participants. If a teacher wants to come here with only one or two people, he or she is welcome!

If you are interested, you can contact us and see if you can find some time to visit the Centre. We’ll be glad to host you at the Centre for a few days. You can reach Ikaria by plane via Athens ( or Thessaloniki (; or take the ferry from Pireaus (Athens) During the summer you can also take the same ferry from the islands of Syros, Mykonos or Samos.

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