Learn Greek in Greece: Greek language courses, island Ikaria

Are you planning to study Greek in Greece? The Ikarian Center has been organizing Greek courses on the island of Ikaria almost all year round, for more than 20 years! Each course includes 10 lessons (one lesson per day) of 3 hour tuition per  lesson (36 teaching hours in total) + 18h of activities, usually within a period of 11-12 days. This is the equivalent to a two-week course. Students may register for more than one courses.


Most of our Greek language courses are taking place on-campus, in the mountainous Arethousa. Some courses within the year are taking place in the coastal village of Evdilos, 8 Km away.

The Centre’s campus is located on a remote spot on the mountains. The view of both the mountains and the sea is breathtaking and the environment is ideal for study. It’s an ideal place for someone who wants to stay away from the crowded beaches. If the view of the birds of prey flying above your head, a glass of wine under the milky way of a starry sky, the voices of the goats and the sounds of the bells of the sheep are at least equally important for you as a night in a bar with friends, then the campus is an ideal place to study Greek.


Check the course schedule and fees. Then, send us the  registration form. Don’t forget to check when and how we advice you to get to Ikaria

The courses / season:

From the crowd of August to the olive harvest period in late October – November and the carnival before Easter, the changes of the seasons have an important impact on the life of islanders. Our courses cannot avoid following these changes and students will live another experience depending on the season they will participate in the courses. Following, we try to highlight the changes in the program related with the changes of the seasons.

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To participate or not to participate? Some points you must notice first:
  • We are offering language courses for non-native speakers. We are NOT providing experiences for tourists. We are focusing on the learning procedure and you must be prepared to study and do homework. Although fun and new friends are two important elements of a successful lesson, if you mainly focus on having fun & sun and making new friends, or if you desperately want to reconfirm that Greece is a collage of images with cats and white churches with blue domes, better try to find something different!
  • It’s a full immersion program, at least we try hard to make it work like this. As most of the locals do not speak any other language apart from Greek, and the teachers keep speaking Greek even outside the classroom, you must be prepared to listen and speak a lot of Greek, even if you are a beginner.
  • We usually teach a group of 6-12 people, divided into two or more classes, depending on the level of the students and the way they learn.
  • Ikarian Centre’s “campus” in Ikaria hosts these small groups of 6-12 students and provides them with all modern comforts (from a washing machine to fast Internet). It also provides each student an environment for healthy socialization as well as for isolation. Each student usually takes a private room.
  • Although we don’t grow vegetables or animals; also people of all religions are welcome here, someone can easily describe what we call “campus” as “farm”, or even as “monastery”!
  • Therefore, the “campus” is not surrounded by museums, art galleries or by bars and “traditional Greek” restaurants; our good neighbors are some goats, living nearby. This quiet and peaceful environment is the best for relaxation and learning. After almost 20 years of living and giving courses here (the Greek language lessons on-campus started in summer 2001), we can say that life outside the urban environment takes another quality, one that definitely helps the learning procedure.