Ikaria Pathways

Project Pathways is a community initiative on the island of Ikaria based out of Dilogos – Ikarian Centre. Paths are scattered across the length of Ikaria and connect taverns, churches, historical sites, beaches and villages. In the past, these paths were used for communication, travel and the grazing of animals. Although these reasons still exist today, Project Pathways aims to promote another option to the world: ecotourism.

Each pathway offers a different view of an impressive landscape. From sheer ocean cliff-faces to grassy hills and lush forest, Ikaria’s paths offer a special opportunity to explore in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way. Many of the routes pass through social and economic hubs, allowing visitors to experience a slice of Ikarian life that might have otherwise remained hidden.

The project is dependent on volunteer work from both local and international participants.

Map, all routes

You start from the coastal village Karavostamo go up to “Pera Arethousa” and return to Karavostamo via a different route. A nice journey for a day. If you feel that you want to swim, you can walk up to Aris Potamos, the beach next to Karavostamo. The footpath goes by the sea.

Download the map and open it at your smartphone with an application able to open .kmz files. We suggest MAPinr for android or KMZ Loader for iphone

Route descriptions & more


More than hiking

Arethousa is a picturesque village in the north of Ikaria, a short taxi ride from Evdilos. In the hills tucked away from tourists, it is the perfect village for visitors wanting an authentic Greek experience. Enjoy: ...
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Ikaria Pathways.
Beach to Beach: Karavostamo > Aris Potamos

Duration 20' Distance: 0.5 miles Minimum Elevation: -1 feet Maximum Elevation: 77 feet Total climb: 36 feet Total descent: 114 feet Be sure not to be afraid of heights, since the pathway is quite narrow. In some parts you will have the steep cliff on your left side with the sea right below and the steep mountain slope on your right. BE CAREFUL TO STAY CLEAR OF THE CLIFF RIDGE AND NEVER TRESPASS THE WHITE SAFETY LINE! This is our "Don't cross the line" route - if you want to find out what happens if you do, rather listen to Johnny Cash's song than finding out yourself! In some parts you will have overhanging parts with hollow sections underneath. So ...
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Ikaria Pathways.
Mountains to Beach: Arethousa > Karavostamo

Length: 4 km, approx. 45 minutes. This route starts from the beautiful church in the peaceful village of Arethousa. On your tour to the beach in Karavostamo you will witness some wonderful views of the valley of the river, the mountains of the area and the sea below ...
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Ikaria Pathways.
Arethousa – Pera Arethousa

Distance: 30 min. The route goes down to a valley and crosses a little crick. A secondary route lead us to a small chapel. At the end of the route you can find "taverna i Plaka" with home made wine and food ...
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