Summer Greek language courses at Ikarian Centre

June, July, August, until beginning of September

The weather in summer is very warm and an afternoon visit to the beach is a must for most of the students. For this, the daily program includes visits to the seaside village of Karavostamo, a 10-minute drive from the center. Course activities no longer include visits to local families, as summer is a “tough” period for the locals. However, traditional dance and sining lessons, slide shows and conversation classes are organized, so students will still have the chance to practice Greek outside the classroom.

Summer is the time for the famous Ikarian panigiri which never ends. Some times there more than 2 panigiri or other events (concerts, theater plays, live music evenings etc) at the same day or night. Students usually participate in the party. However, as the island is big and all these events happen in different spots of the island, far away one from the other; in addition as the local public transport is not at all well organized, you do need a car in order to participate. A list of car rental agencies in Evdilos is available here. If you are intending to hire a car within the period July 15 – August 30, you must reserve one in advanced, a long time before your arrival on the island. We’ll be happy to help you on this.