Accommodation with a family

Our students may choose to stay with a family in Karavostamo. The house is 40 min away from the campus on foot. For this reason we suggest to the students who will decide to stay with the family while they will have lessons with us, thatn must rent a car or scooter. Note that the street (3Km) is a dirt road of medium condition, accessible though, by any kind of vehicle.

Students will spend time with the family and follow the family members in their everyday activity of the house: cooking, working in their small farm, feeding the animals (goats, hens and pigs), even going out with them some of the evenings. Moreover, the members of the family speak very basic English; the main language which is used for communication is Greek. At least one meal is included every day. The meals with the family create a warm and friendly atmosphere in the house that encourage the conversation and communication between the host family and their guests. After all, the purpose for our students shouldn’t be different from the immerse into the islanders’ life. For the other hand, the family, apart from the money, is really seeking for the osmosis their guests can provide.

Students who find the transport from Karavostamo to the Centre difficult, may decide to stay on-campus during the lessons and with the family after the course or even some days before we start the lessons. Minimum duration of accommodation with the family is 5 overnights. The guests have their own room but share the bathroom with all in the house. There is only one bathroom in the house.

The family

The couple is in their 50’s and they are both working. They have three children, one boy and two girls. All children are adults and leave alone, away from the house. Like this, there is space for guests in the house. You can stay in their house any time of the year, except end of July and August. During this period they are both very busy with all the relatives from Athens and different places of the world who spend their holidays on the island. As they host relatives in the house, they also don’t have space for more people.

Cost & Reservation

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