Covid & trips to Ikaria

Information about covid and travels to Greece
Greece has been open since May 15th 2021 for visitors from a number of countries. Students coming for classes can also come from other countries, with the approval of the Greek embassy. A basic condition to visit a Greek island, even if you live in mainland Greece, is the vaccination or a negative PCR test 72 hours before arrival on the island. For more information, follow the links at the end of this page.

Enroll without fear in the Greek language courses or in the creative accommodation programs that we offer in Ikaria. The way we live with our students and visitors offers greater security against the covid than an ordinary day in the city, where you have to spend most of your time indoors. Physical participation offers to both of us the only opportunity to restore human contact, break the fear, build friendships and relationships and develop the educational process. All this can be done by pushing away computer screens and applications, and reestablish human contact.