Hiking routes in Ikaria

Ikaria Pathways, Beach to Beach: Karavostamo > Aris Potamos

Duration 20′ Distance: 0.5 miles Minimum Elevation: -1 feet Maximum Elevation: 77 feet Total climb: 36 feet Total descent: 114 feet Be sure not to be afraid of heights, since the pathway is quite narrow. In some parts you will have the steep cliff on your left side with the sea right below and the…

Project Ikaria pathways | Volunteering


Adam works in agriculture, spending his days toiling under the hot Mediterranean sun on French vineyards. In his free time he traverses the continent to toil under the hot Mediterranean sun on Greek footpaths. Adam has also enjoyed learning some Greek while he has been part of Project Pathways.

Project Ikaria pathways | Volunteering


Rachel is from Australia, and has joined Will in a year of travel. As part of her adventure, Rachel wanted to contribute positively to a community/project. Also a lover of working outdoors, Project Pathways was the perfect volunteer position. Her favourite things about Ikaria so far are the strong coffee, warm sunshine and delicious Pagoto!

Project Ikaria pathways | Volunteering

The first volunteer group – June 2016

The first team working on the pathways is composed by members of local community, travellers who are temporary based on the island, volunteers who arrived in Ikaria from abroad specifically to help out for the project and Ivo and Paola (Amikaria Association). The base camp where volunteers live and gather is the Ikarian centre. Mihalis…

Project Ikaria pathways | Volunteering

The Arethousa pathways project

In the past, Ikarians used the paths to communicate and keep in touch. The path is the soul of Ikaria which we want to keep alive. This project is thus centered around the idea of connecting the village of Arethousa and Karavostamos, currently unaccessible. Once finished, it will give the possibility to locals and tourists…