Call for volunteers

For three weeks starting on Saturday May 18th, we will be building the walls of a small home near Kampos with cob, a mixture of sand, clay and straw. It will be the first cob building on the island of Ikaria.

Cob is a natural and versatile building material with a long history in many parts of the world. It can be used for the walls and floors of houses big and small, for outdoor walls, benches and leisure spaces, for garden sheds and animal shelters. It can be sculpted and cantilevered, formed into arches over windows, doors and wall passages. It permits an endless variation in design as structures do not have to be box like, in fact curved cob walls are stronger than straight ones. Cob is usually prepared on plastic tarps by stomping with our feet and applied by hand to walls. It requires physical labour but does not require heavy lifting or strenuous effort.

We are calling for volunteers who wish to learn the technique. We are asking for a minimum of two days of commitment. Refreshments and food will be available on site. It is also possible to arrange for those wishing to camp on site, otherwise there are plenty of rooms for rent in nearby Kampos or Evdilos. The site itself is an old olive orchard a kilometre back from the main coastal road belonging to the family that runs the Stou Pasxalia kafeneion in Kampos, that has been converted over the years into a garden of trees, perennial flowers, herbs and bushes incorporating enclosures for small animals that are raised there.

Come and learn this fascinating building technique and apply your creative talents in a spirit of festive labour !!!

For further information and to inform us of your available dates, contact:

Kafe Stou Pasxalia (Kampos)
Tel: 6937895477 (Zaxaria)  6946709049 (Chrysa)

This is an initiative of a third party, the people who sign this call. For more information please contact (call) them. You’ll find their phone numbers above. Please don’t send emails to us.