Online Greek language lessons

Asynchronous communication, not an other “lesson on skype”: Choose when you want to spend some time learning Greek, according to your schedule and mood. Send us your texts and assignments online, for corrections and comments from our teachers Improve your vocabulary and comprehension, working with challenging texts, videos, audio files, vocabulary and grammar exercises and…

Learn Greek

At the Ikarian Centre, on the island of Ikaria, we offer Greek language lessons for non-native speakers. More recently we have also started offering Greek language lessons in other locations. Our Greek language lessons are intended for

  • teachers of ancient or modern Greek,
  • archaeologists and classicists,
  • interpreters, and translators,
  • as well as adults of any age who wish to begin to study Greek, or to improve their skills in Greek

Our lessons ARE NOT lecture – style, where the teacher translates the vocabulary and explains the grammatical structures. Various activities and language games motivate students to practice Greek and improve their skills fast and efficiently. The lessons’ texts as well as various activities after the lesson hours help our students also to enrich their knowledge about Greece and her people. Some of our Greek language lessons in Ikaria are also combined with seasonal agriculture activities, like the olive harvest.

Greek language lessons for kids and teenagers

July 6-17 2020 Our innovative program combines lessons with activities which include local Ikarian children, transforming schoolwork into an interesting and enjoyable game.  The teachers guide all activities, thus insuring that their students are learning both during and after lessons.  Students are divided into small groups according to age (8-13 years old, and 14-17 years…