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Volunteers from Karavostamo

Also Ilias Ianniris, Nikos Kouvaris and Ghiorgos Tsakalos, of the village of Karavostamo, have worked on the project of the Ikarian Centre. Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInMorePrintRedditTumblrPinterestPocketTelegramWhatsAppSkype ... Read More
Ikaria pathway - Photos

Ikaria pathway – Photos

Photos from Ikaria Pathway project, June 2016 Cleaning the path Source: Amikaria Stunning sea view Source: Amikaria Source: Amikaria Footpath, valley and the sea Source: Amikaria Rachel Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInMorePrintRedditTumblrPinterestPocketTelegramWhatsAppSkype ... Read More

Ivo & Paola – Amikaria Association

The Association “Amikaria – Αμικαρία, friends of Ikaria”, funded in Genoa in March 2016 aims to support Greece through friendship and solidarity projects addressed to a specific territory. The choice of Ikaria was made because of the bounds which some funders have with the island and for the historical links ... Read More


Susanne is a translator from Berlin/Germany who a few years ago set out to discover the Aegean Sea and its islands, culture, traditions and language. As a traveller and lover of nature, she was excited to join the pathways team that eventually took her to experience the island and its ... Read More
Last  impressions

Last impressions

Adam and I are the last ones to leave the Ikarian centre. The heat is at its peak as it’s almost 1 p.m. and crickets sing aloud. The sky is as blue as the very first day we woke up here. It is always surprising to realize how time flies ... Read More


Adam works in agriculture, spending his days toiling under the hot Mediterranean sun on French vineyards. In his free time he traverses the continent to toil under the hot Mediterranean sun on Greek footpaths. Adam has also enjoyed learning some Greek while he has been part of Project Pathways. Share ... Read More


Rachel is from Australia, and has joined Will in a year of travel. As part of her adventure, Rachel wanted to contribute positively to a community/project. Also a lover of working outdoors, Project Pathways was the perfect volunteer position. Her favourite things about Ikaria so far are the strong coffee, ... Read More


Will is a high school teacher from Australia, and has taken the year off to travel the world. With his Greek heritage, Greece was a clear choice of countries to visit on his journey. Will is really enjoying working alongside locals on this project, and improving his Greek. Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInMorePrintRedditTumblrPinterestPocketTelegramWhatsAppSkype ... Read More


Chiara is an Italian from Sicily, a traveller and a blogger, currently based in the Netherlands. Having a special passion for Greece, she goes every time she has a chance. Chiara chose to join the “pathways project” to experience the unique vibe of Ikaria, after having heard amazing stuff about ... Read More
The first volunteer group - June 2016

The first volunteer group – June 2016

The first team working on the pathways is composed by members of local community, travellers who are temporary based on the island, volunteers who arrived in Ikaria from abroad specifically to help out for the project and Ivo and Paola (Amikaria Association). The base camp where volunteers live and gather ... Read More