Trips to Ikaria in the era of covid

/ Trips to Ikaria in the era of covid

Greece, at the time these lines are written, is in the “red zone” of Europe. However Ikaria, until the moment these lines are written, is a “safe zone”, without ANY CASE of covid.

Entering Greece:

You can visit the country freely if you are a resident of European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and UAE. Residents of USA and Israel can also travel to Greece from April 19th. From the rest of the world you can travel to Greece if you have a Greek passport or for essential professional reasons. Although a language trip can be an essential reason under certain circumstances, we are expecting the previous list of the countries to enlarge after May 15th, when Greece will open the borders to tourists. However there two obligations to enter Greece: 1) You must have a negative covid molecular test (PCR test) 72 hours before your arrival or have been vaccinated instead of covid. 2) You must submit the online PLF form 24 hours prior your arrival. Find the form here: There is no quarantine obligation.

In Ikaria

At the moment these lines are being written, we have a universal lockdown in the country. Bars and restaurants are closed in Ikaria, like in the rest of Greece. The Greek government plans to lift the lockdown measures for tourists from May 15th. However, even before May 15th, our guests can enjoy hiking in the mountains and swimming in the sea, participate in classes and lectures given at the Center and organize excursions to the island by car. For food, as long as local tavernas are closed, we cook and eat together in the common kitchen of the Center. Our guests can also prepare simple meals and eat privately, in their rooms.

The way we live with our students and visitors offers greater security against the covid than an ordinary day in the city, where you have to spend most of your time indoors.

We suggest:

Enroll without fear in the Greek language courses or in the creative accommodation programs that we offer in Ikaria. Physical participation offers to both of us the only opportunity to restore human contact, break the fear, build friendships and relationships and develop the educational process. All this can be done by pushing away computer screens and applications, and reestablish human contact.’


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Stay informed:

Covid measures in force in Greece change every 15 days. If you want us to inform you with an email every time something important changes, subscribe to this special “covid” mailing list