Course evalutation

I attended a two-week Greek course in Thessaloniki and I must say that I am very satisfied.

I had studied the language two hours a week for only 8 months before I arrived in Greece and I wasn’t really able to speak or understand properly. Now at the end of the course I can communicate much better with the Greeks and also my comprehension has improved a lot.

I was one of the students with less vocabulary and grammar and that is why I could learn so much during my stay here. The course was supposed to last for 40 hours, but actually our teacher spent much more time with us, thus we could practice also in the evenings and during the weekend. We all got along well and that is why we often spent our leisure time together. I liked how the course was organised, with a good mixture of grammar, exercises, listening comprehension and conversation also with Greek people, who were invited to come and talk to us. And if we had any problem or question, we could really feel free to ask.

I also liked Thessaloniki. I walked many hours to get an impression of the city, to visit churches and go to the museums. As the course took place in August, we also went to the beaches outside the city, because in the centre it is forbidden to swim.