Studying Greek at Ikarian Centre

I can fully recommend studying Greek at the Ikarian Centre. Ikaria is a great place to spend time. The centre is in a rural location in the mountains, not too far from the town, Evdilos, and the seaside. The scenery is amazing and there is lots to see on the island – several excursions were organised. The food is also very good.
I found the courses very constructive. The courses at the Ikarian Centre are very much focused on on both oral and written production. Lessons partly involved the learning and revising of grammar, but were mainly based on texts. We would first learn the necessary vocabulary for the topic in question and then listen to the text on headphones and answer questions. The next lesson would then involve speaking freely about the topic, or writing a text.
I had been learning Greek for two years for work purposes so had a good grounding in grammar and (passive) vocabulary. The main benefit, for me, of the language course was that the organisation of the courses allowed me to practise my Greek and gain confidence in both speaking and writing Greek. Owing to the location, it was also easy to speak Greek outside the centre, as the island has relatively few tourists.
You will also find the staff at the Ikarian Centre very welcoming. I would recommend that students stay at the centre to avoid commuting, as the accommodation is highly satisfactory.