Greek literature course in Ikaria

Μάθημα λογοτεχνίας για μαθητές νέων ελληνικών

The Greek literature course organized by the Ikarian Center in Ikaria is aimed at adult students of modern Greek language, who can understand texts and express themselves, even with difficulty, in Greek. Each year we focus our attention on a writer of the 19th or 20th century and try to understand his / her life, personality, era and work.

In this course we only speak Greek. Through reading and discussions, the aim is for students to enrich their vocabulary and their expressive abilities, also to expand their knowledge of Greek culture.


Classes run from Monday to Saturday, including Saturday, for 3 hours each day. The course will take place at the Center’s facilities in Arethousa and participants can take a private room in the Center’s guesthouse. Arrival on the Sunday before the start of the course and departure on the Sunday after it ends.

Participation fee

The participation fee is 924 Euros. The cost includes:

  • the course materials,
  • accommodation in a private, double occupancy room, with private bathroom and kitchenette
  • simple meals (lunch and dinner)
  • basic local transport by car of the Center.

Students are welcome to come with a friend who does not participate in the course and share their room with him / her. However, if this happens, you must arrange local transport by your own means. Perhaps by rending a car.


The next course will take place in November 2024, with no exact date set. But if you are interested in participating, please contact us