Greek language courses and olive harvest!

Traditionally, October or November is when the olives are picked and the olive oil is produced. If you take part in one of the Greek language courses by the end of October or November, you will be able to participate in the olive picking. Every day from Monday to Saturday, between 10:30 and 17:00, you will be able to work for a few hours picking olives in the fields near the Ikarian Center. We will also visit an olive mill to see how olive oil is produced from olives and produce soap from olive oil

Will the Greek lessons in the fall be combined 100% with the olive picking?

The production of the olive fruit from the trees is a natural process, so it is not 100% predictable. Factors such as rain, heat in summer, the weather in general affect trees. There are years when we had no olive production at all. So, if you absolutely want to pick olives in October – November, we need to confirm that there are fruits on the trees that can be picked. This is not possible to happen earlier than a month prior your scheduled arrival.

Ikaria in autumn – The weather

The weather in October – November is unstable, but still the weather is rather warm, although there are some days with cold, rain and wind.