Can I register for a month or more?

As we offer an full immersion Greek language program for non-residents of Greece, our courses are offered in modules of 10 days. Each course lasts for 11 or 12 days and includes 10 days with lessons, plus one or two free days, where usual we organize excursions and activities. However, someone is welcome to register for one or more courses in a row and keep studding for 20, 30 even more days. Someone is also welcome to continue for the first 5 days of the next course. The tuition for each additional course is reduced by -20%.

If in the course’ schedule there are no following lessons, students can continue in private lessons (one teacher – one student). Private lessons are offered in modules of 5 lessons in 5 days (2 teaching hours/day, 10 hours total/module). No extra activities are offered during private lessons.

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