Low fees for young learners

If you are 35 years old or younger you can take a Greek language course and pay a lower tuition!

  • 590€ (accommodation is included)
    Valid for the following courses: July 15-25, Sep. 23 – Oct. 3, Oct 22-Nov 1, and Nov. 19-29 /2019
  • 790€ (accommodation is included)
    Valid for the 17 day courses during May, June, September, October and November 2020

Tuition includes course materials and activities. It also includes on-campus accommodation in double occupancy with another student of the same or opposite gender.

See the schedule and fees in details. Find more information about our Greek language courses in Ikaria.


Why do we offer low fees to young Greek language learners?

We know that the so-called ‘crisis’ is not just a Greek disease. As time goes on, fewer young people have the means to spend money for luxuries like Greek language lessons. We would like to see our lessons full of young people again, and to give young students from all over the world the opportunity to participate.

When you arrive in Ikaria you must have a valid official document (passport or ID), indicating your age. You don’t have to send us anything in advance. Note that you will share your accommodation with another student, as described above.