Learn Greek in Greece, on the island of Ikaria

Are you planning to study Greek in Greece? Here, at the Ikarian Center we have organized Greek language courses on the island of Ikaria non-stop for the last 25 years! Each 10 lesson course includes 3 hours of tuition per lesson (36 teaching hours in total) + 18h of activities, over a period of 11-12 days. This is the equivalent of a two-week course. The students of each course are divided in small classes of 2-8 participates. The courses take place from Easter to November every year. Students may register for more than one course.

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Facilities and accommodation

Our facilities were created in order to host our Greek language lessons and accommodate our students. For this reason, we call them the “campus.” The Ikarian Centre’s campus is located on the mountain slope above the coastal village of Karavostamo. The mountainous village of Arethousa is only 1.5km away. The view of both the mountains and the sea is breathtaking and the tranquil environment is ideal for study. It’s an ideal place for someone who wants to get away from the crowded beaches. On campus you can enjoy the sun soaked vistas while birds of prey soar overhead, or a glass of wine under the milky way and stunningly starry sky.

We provide free accommodation in a private room to all students attending lessons on our campus. You can share your room with a friend who travels with you, whether or not your companion is also taking lessons, at no additional cost. All rooms are furnished with a kitchenette and en-suite bathroom. The facilities include wi-fi, laundry machine and a large common kitchen.

Follow this link for more information regarding on-campus accommodation for our Greek language students.

The lessons

Our instructors are experienced teachers of Greek as a foreign language. Grammar and vocabulary are taught through the use of games, texts and other materials written and provided by the Centre. All skills are practiced in our lessons (writing, reading, speaking and listening), however we do focus in oral speech. The small class size (2 – 8 individuals) ensures that every student will have enough time to speak in the class. Our program focuses on learning the language and not on the tourist experience. In every lesson students will be assigned homework for the next day. As most of the locals do not speak only Greek, and since the teachers continue speaking Greek outside of the classroom, students must be prepared to hear and speak a lot of Greek, even if they are beginners.

Out-of-classroom activities (traditional dance lessons, Greek songs, conversation classes, lectures and slide shows, cooking local dishes with people of the village, etc.) and events that happen spontaneously (like going out and eating together) are what make our lessons a truly immersive Greek language program.

Follow this link for more information about the teaching method.


The students of each course will be divided into different classes, according their levels and the speed at which they can move forward in the lesson. The classes are formed after the students arrive for the course.

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- If you cancel your registration: We do no refund the registration fee if you cancel your participation, no matter when this cancellation will take place. For this reason, better register when you are sure that you want to participate. However, if you cancel, you reserve the right to re-register in a class during the same or the following year.

The courses / season:

From the crowd of August to the olive harvest period in late October – November to the carnival before Easter, the changes in the seasons have an important impact on the lives of the islanders. Our courses flow with these changes and students will find themselves living different experiences depending on the season that they choose to stay with us. In turn, we try to highlight the changes in the program related to the changing of the seasons.

Short course in August

Short course in August

Course Details
  • August 24 - 31, 8 days
  • 16 full hours of 60', 20 teaching hours of instruction. (Each ... Read more
Longer-term Greek language courses

Longer-term Greek language courses

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1-12 July & 9-20 Sept <br> Greek language courses in Evdilos, Island Ikaria

1-12 July & 9-20 Sept
Greek language courses in Evdilos, Island Ikaria

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12-22 Aug 2019 <br> Greek language & traditional dance workshop

12-22 Aug 2019
Greek language & traditional dance workshop

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Greek literature summer courses

9-19 Sept. 2019
Greek literature course

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Greek language lessons in spring and autumn

Greek language lessons in spring and autumn

May 20-30, Sept.23-Oct.3/2019 The weather in May and September is generally warm and the beach is one of the options ... Read more
Greek language course & olive harvest

Greek language course & olive harvest

  • Oct.21-31/2019
  • Nov.18-28/2019
The lessons are intended for any adult who wishes to improve his or her skills ... Read more
Greek language courses in Easter, Ikaria

Easter Greek language course, island Ikaria

April 15-25/2019 Start or improve your skills in Greek language in an intensive Greek language course with activities during Easter ... Read more
Summer Greek language courses at Ikarian Centre

Summer Greek language courses at Ikarian Centre

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