Walking holidays in Ikaria & Easter 2021


Combine walking holidays on the island of Ikaria with participation in Orthodox Easter, lectures, traditional dance lessons, cooking nights and a lot of hiking. Book a room at the Ikarian Center, participate in the activities of our multinational team and get to know Ikaria better.

You may reserve a place for one of the periods of the year 2021:
Catholic Easter: Apri 4-12/2021 (Catholic Easter Sun. April 4)
Orthodox Easter: May 1-9/2021 (Orthodox Easter Sunday: May 1st)
You may arrive later or leave earlier the given dates, however there is no reduction in the cost if you do so.
Deposit – cancellation: An advance payment for the reservation is required in December 2020. Prior to this date you are not required to send a deposit and you can freely cancel your reservation. After 1/1/2021 deposits are not refutable, however you may use the deposit in order to register in an other trip or Greek language lesson, during the same or the next year.
Departure: You can certainly leave earlier that the end of your reservation period, however there is no cost deduction if you do so. 

Make a reservation on the page of “walking holidays”:


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is provided in double occupancy at Ikarian Centre’s facilities, which are located in a rural region 1.5 km outside the village of Arethousa. The facilities were originally constructed to provide accommodation for Greek language students and host language lessons.

A typical day

10:00 – 17:00 Hiking and excursions in Ikaria. Lunch is not served, and sometimes we are kilometers away from the closest taverna.  Carry snacks with you!
18:00 – 20:00 Traditional dance lessons, lectures and slide shows, cooking evenings with locals
20:00 Dinner in the tavernas of Arethousa, or at home.

Breakfast, meals & cost

The cost covers only accommodation. Participation in activities is free. Meal costs are not included in the price of the holiday and of course there’s no requirement to attend. You can bring a snack for the road, if you don’t want to have lunch in a taverna. In addition, breakfast and other meals are not served at the Centre. However you can use the kitchenette in their rooms or the common kitchen to prepare breakfast and simple meals. In the evening you can go to a local taverna, 15 min away on foot, but you can choose to stay home and prepare something for yourself. The cost for a meal and wine in the local taverna is around 12 – 15 Euros.

What should I bring with me?

Closed-toe shoes and shorts; or longer pants, as you might find it annoying to get scratched by bushes. A hiking pole is not necessary, but may be helpful. Of course a hat, water, and snacks are also among the necessary equipment.

How difficult the routes are?

We will walk in a mountainous terrain, with both uphill and downhill climbs. Some parts are quite steep. The trails pass through areas with low bushes and in many places are no wider than half a meter. The paths are NOT paved. There are stones, tree roots, and shrubs along the entire length of the route. You must be in a relatively good physical condition, have a good sense of balance, and NOT have any SERIOUS problems with vertigo or a fear of heights.


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