Online Greek language lessons – how does it work?

Online Greek language lessons - how does it work?
Each Greek online language courses continues up to 36 lessons within a period of 9 months. However students are welcome to continue after this period of time, to the next course. As students are paying for circles of 12 lessons, they are also able to cancel before the end of ...


Tuition fees Students must pay the tuition in the beginning of every circle of 12 lessons. However the first lessons for a newly registered student is a trial period. Students only pay for these lessons if they are satisfied and they want to continue to the end of the circle ...

Video meetings

Video meetings
Do I need to install skype? In our video meeting you don’t have to install skype or any other piece of software in your computer. The browser you are using to read this page is enough. The best browser to use is google chrome or chromium (for linux). We send ...

Combine it with a Greek language course in Ikaria

combine greek language lessons
If a student completes a Greek online language course (3 course-cycles x 12-lesson/cycle OR an 8-week course) he is eligible to enroll in a 17 day Greek language course in Ikaria during the same year, at any period of time except August, with a 30% discount ...

Learn Greek online, with Greek teachers

Register in our greek on-line language lessons and start learning or improving your skills in Greek language under the supervision of experienced Greek teachers. Our Greek language lessons combine synchronous and asynchronous teaching: Meet your teacher in video meetings, upload your projects & assignments for correction and work with a variety of online materials, including video and audio files, texts and language games. For those who don’t have any time for video meetings we offer completely asynchronous teaching. Read more and start a free trial lesson.

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