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Register in our greek on-line language lessons and start learning or improving your skills in Greek language under the supervision of experienced Greek teachers. Our Greek language lessons combine lessons in video meetings and asynchronous teaching

Asynchronous online Greek language lessons – how does it work?

Asynchronous online Greek language lessons - how does it work?
Participate in an asynchronous online Greek language lesson and study when you have the time, while you contact your teacher via forums and messages. In asynchronous courses students also practice listening and speaking, in guided exercises, controlled by a teacher. Register now and start with a free trial lesson.
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Lessons on video meetings

Lessons on video meetings
For face to face tuition with a teacher, register for a Greek language course on video meetings. The next intensive Greek language course starts on Mon March 8th 2021.
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Άρθρα, πληροφορίες & συζητήσεις
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Άρθρα και πληροφορίες για ότι γίνεται τώρα στην Ελλάδα

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Απεργία πείνας

Μουσική και Τραγούδια

Ελληνική μουσική και τραγούδια

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Ιδανικός και ανάξιος...

Σινεμά & Τέχνη

Θέματα και συζητήσεις για το σινεμά και την τέχνη

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Αναμέτρηση στην στέγ...

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