Online Greek language lessons – how does it work?

Each Greek online language courses continues up to 36 lessons within a period of 9 months. However students are welcome to continue after this period of time, to the next course. As students are paying for circles of 12 lessons, they are also able to cancel before the end of the course. Practically, students can go on with our lessons as long as they feel that they learn a lot and they are happy with it. You can choose between the following type of courses, in relation with the time you want to spend per week, also if you want to participate in video meetings or not:

1. Greek online courses via video meetings with a teacher:

A variety of materials are accessible online, including texts and grammar exercises. All all texts are combined with audios and videos, as we believe that this improves the listening and reading skills of the students. Students must study the lesson’s material and prepare their homework for each lesson. Homework usually consists of essays students have to submit for correction. Other activities  and fill the gap exercises are also part of each lesson materials. During the video meetings students practice on the lesson’s material through a variety of language games. The role of the teacher is always to give instructions, motivate students to speak using the lesson’s grammatical structures and vocabulary, and to correct. As the aim of the video meetings is to motivate students to speak, the benefit is obvious. If you want to participate in Greek online language course with video meetings, you can choose between the following three type of courses, according to how often you want to have a new lesson-video meeting:

  • 1 lesson and video meeting / week. Payments for circles of 12 lessons
  • 2 lessons and video meetings / week. Payments for circles of 12 lessons

Note that you don’t need to install in your computer any kind of software (like skype etc) for the video meetings. Your browser is enough. We just send you a web link, then you can join our online virtual class by following this link. For more info about the technical requirements of the video meetings, follow the previous link.

2. Asynchronous teaching:

If your schedule is not convenient and you cannot participate in video meetings, the asynchronous lessons is an alternative option. During asynchronous lessons, you DO NOT participate in any video meeting. However, for each lesson, you do receive the lesson’s materials and instructions from your teacher. Your assignments are sent for correction via email and you can always contact your teacher and other students, via the lesson’s forums and email. Again, you can choose between the following asynchronous lessons, according to how often you want to receive new materials

  • 1 asynchronous lesson / week. Payments for circles of 12 lessons.
  • 2 asynchronous lessons / week. Payments for circles of 12 lessons.

Note that for both type of courses (teaching via video meetings or asynchronous teaching) the teacher decides what to do and when, according to the dynamic of the lesson and the needs of the students. For this reason the teacher send you materials for each new lesson.

How much?

For more information regarding the cost of our Greek online language courses, follow the previous link.

How can I start?

  • Start with a free trial lesson by submitting the form you can find here In the form, select the description that is closer to your background in Greek language, also select how many video-meetings you would like to take per week (one, three or five per week).
  • Just after you register, you’ll receive a welcome message with a grading quiz. This confirms that we have received your request and that your email address you have registered is correct. If you don’t find anything in your inbox, please check your spam folder for a message from If there is nothing in both inbox and spam, repeat the procedure one more time, or contact us
  • It’s nice if you complete the quiz attached to the message and return it to us. In this way we’ll have more information regarding your background in Greek and it will be more easy for us to place you in the appropriate lesson.
  • Your enrollment into the course is NOT automatic, the teachers must do it for you. So you have to be a little bit patient.
  • After a while you receive a second email, sent by the teachers, with instructions for how access the lesson’s materials and participate in your first video meeting.
  • You only pay for the trial lessons if you are satisfied and you want to continue.
Register for a trial Greek lesson online

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