Tuition fees

Students must pay the tuition in the beginning of every circle of 12 lessons. However the first lessons for a newly registered student is a trial period. Students only pay for these lessons if they are satisfied and they want to continue to the end of the circle.

  • Courses with Video meetings: For each circle of 12 lessons, including 12 video meetings of 90 min each: 290€ After the end of each circle, you can continue to the next.
  • Courses without video meetings (asynchronous teaching): If a student don’t participate in the video meetings, but only communicate with the teachers through forums and emails (completely ashychornus study) the tuition for a circle of 12 lessons is half: 180€

Note that the sum or a part of the tuition is not refutable if a student cancel his / her participation in some or all of the lessons.

Tuition includes:

  • Video meetings with a teacher (12 video-meetings X 90 min / video meeting. Maximum number of students: 5)
  • Course materials (texts, podcast & quiz) available on
  • Correction of the assignments. Students have at least one assignment or project to complete before each video meeting with the teacher.
  • Asynchronous teaching: In asynchronous teaching, students have access to course materials, but they don’t participate in any video meeting. Students communicate with the teachers through forums and emails.

Combine it with a Greek language course on the island of Ikaria

If a student completes 3 courses with video meetings in a row (12-lessons/course) is eligible to enroll in a 17 day Greek language course in Ikaria during the same year, at any period of time except August, with a 30% discount.

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