June 2023 – New Greek language lessons & activities

Summer Greek language courses

Summer has already started but you can still enroll in a Greek course in Ikaria in July, August and September. The courses last two weeks and cost 700 Euros. Additional accommodation fee 490€. Check availability and register now:

Greek courses in autumn 2023 and spring 2024

Courses continue in October and November 2023 as well as April May 2024. You can enroll for just one or more weeks, depending on your level. See prices, availability and dates and submit your registration here
Note that the cost of the courses has increased significantly. The reason, the general economic situation that does not allow us to support ourselves and the school with the old prices, also new services have been added, such as breakfast and meals.

Literature course

The literature course is aimed at Intermediate and Advanced students who want to get in touch with Greek literature. The course will take place in the last week of October. In this lesson we will work with simplified texts by Georgios Vyziinos

Simple accommodation in Ikaria

If you come with your car / scooter you can reserve a room at the Center in July or August, without participating in Greek classes

Immersion in Ikarian nature and culture 4 all

If you do not want more Greek lessons you can reserve accommodation at the Centre, alone or with friends, and participate in the hiking tours we organize in October & April or pick the olives with us in November.