Greek language lessons & olive harvest

Greek language lessons are intended for any adult who wishes to improve his or her skills in the Greek language and combined with olive harvest and other outdoors activities (hiking, visits to artisans etc). October is a month when the island life returns to her normal rhythm, after the tourist season.  Participants will improve their Greek while they will learn about the various steps in the production of olive oil, visit an oil press, and work on the field.

  • Homogeneous small classes of 1-4 students / classes
  • 20 teaching hours in 10 days (2 hours of 60 min / day)

What will we be doing?

Olive harvest starts by the end of October and continues until the end of November, depending on the weather conditions and when the rain starts. From Monday to Friday, between 10:30 until 17:00, students will have the opportunity to  work for a few hours harvesting olives in the fields, go for hiking, visit an oil press or artisans of the island. Course activities include learning Greek songs,  slide shows, conversation classes, film projections, cooking greek dishes etc.

Location and accommodation

Students may stay in a private room at the Centre’s guesthouse either alone or with another person who travels with them, and who is not necessarily participating in our lessons. Rooms on-campus are all well-heated.

Greek language lessons, daily schedule & local transport

Lessons are taking place in the morning (8:30 – 10:30) OR in the afternoon – evening (15:30 until 17:30 or 18:00 until 20:00).  On Monday all classes take place in the afternoon, at 13:15 or later, and on Friday classes end at 15:30 at the latest. Visits to the nearby villages (Evdilos, Karavostamo, Arethousa) for shopping, sightseeing or good local food are organized in a daily basis (Mon – Saturday).

Arrival & departure

You can have your room in the Center’s guesthouse on Sunday afternoon, after 17:00. You must leave the room on Saturday morning at 10:00 You can have your room or after these hours / days if rooms are available.
Free transfer to and from Evdilos shortly after the arrival or departure of the ship ( Free transfer from the airport on Sunday after the last flight which is around 17:00. Free transfer to the airport on Friday, departing from the Center before 15:00, or on Saturday, departing from the Center 2 hours before the first flight of the day. You can see the flights from Athens to Ikaria here and here The rest of the days or hours you will have to take a taxi or share it with other students (cost 50 Euros).

On Sunday at 19:30 dinner is organized with students who want to participate. We would like to see the new students on Monday morning, between 8:00 and 13:00 for an interview that will help us create the classes.

The weather

The weather in October – November is unstable, but still not very cold, although there are some “hard days”, with cold, rain and wind.

Tuition fees – Registration

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