The minimum requirement is that students can read and write in Greek, as well as being able to form and understand short sentences in Greek language. Groups are formed by students who have similar skills in the production and comprehension of spoken Greek. In the meetings we work with language games to understand and assimilate the new vocabulary, we also use this vocabulary to discuss in Greek. In each meeting we discuss a certain topic. Before the meetings and throughout the course, the students have access to texts related to the topic of the meetings, also to vocabulary and grammar exercises, through our online platform. Lessons for students who cannot read, write and understand simple sentences in Greek will be created later in the year.

Cost & duration

For registrations for November 2022 courses: The tuition is equal to 80 Euros / month if you are a former student and you have participated in our lessons during the last 3 years, otherwise it is equal to 90 Euros / month. The tuition is paid after the first meeting, if you are happy and you want to continue. If not, you can cancel without the obligation to pay anything. The tuition covers:

  • 2 video conferences within each month (4 weeks), lasting 2 hours / conference
  • Access to related materials (texts, vocabulary and grammar exercises) for each meeting

Do I need to install Skype or zoom for online Greek lessons?

In our video meetings you do not need to install new software on your computer. The browser you use to read this page is enough. We recommend firefox or google chrome or chromium (for linux). We are sending you a link that you can use to connect to the online classroom.

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Submit the form to register for the next course. Registration deadline: One week before the start of the next course.

Video conferences of the next course will start in the first week of November 2022 (week 44, from Monday 31 October)

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If you are interested to participate when courses will start, please submit your mail through the following form or  contact us