Learning holidays: Greece, island ikaria

Beekeeping workshop

Beekeeping is a traditional activity in Ikaria. The island has an extremely lush vegetation , with many species blooming from spring to late autumn. The reiki (in Ikaria, lighting) is found everywhere on the mountain and blooms from October to November. From heather the bees produce what in Ikaria we call “anamatomelo”, a thick and bittersweet honey. For some it is a cause of longevity of the island’s inhabitants

The workshop will be performed by a professional beekeeper. We will learn about the difficulties and the beauty of the beekeeper’s life. We will follow with our imagination and through discussions with the beekeeper the bee, in the cycle of one year of its life. From the difficult time of winter, to the time of flowering and hard work, its reproduction, and back in winter. We will see a bee in operation in vivo and we will discuss the life and work of the bee.

The workshop will take place in the periods of October – November.
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