The Ikarian Center campus is located at an altitude of 300m in a wooded area on a hillside between the coastal village of Karavostamo (3 km) and Arethousa (1.5 km). The roads from the villages of Arethousa or Karavostamo to the guesthouse are not paved and there is no traffic. A breathtaking landscape surrounding the campus combines views of the sea and the rugged slopes of island’s mountain. In the sky, birds of prey fly during the day, while the Milky Way and thousands of stars appear on the stunningly clear summer nights. Hiking paths are immediately available, and several beaches fairly close by.

The facilities consists of a group of four separate buildings, each designed and constructed with a careful eye to the traditional local architecture. They were designed intentionally to host our Greek language lessons and accommodate our students.

Students, teachers and coordinators live at the campus together. Although students will have their own private space, the larger areas on campus – the patio, classrooms, and common kitchen – provide a place for teachers and students to come together for learning, for discussions, for meals, and for enjoyment. The scheduled afternoon/evening activities, like traditional dance lessons, learning to sing Greek songs, film screenings and slide shows, create a learning environment outside the classroom that makes the students’ stay more productive, interesting and fun. Additionally, spontaneous activities such as hiking, going out to authentic local tavernas, ‘cooking evenings’ or film screenings, occur during our free time according to the mood of the group.

Students have on-campus accommodation in a private room if they wish. On-campus accommodation is perfect for those who wish for an experience off the beaten path. Here you can enjoy a course combined with a healthy dose of nature and community, not to mention the opportunity to become better acquainted with the local Ikarian culture (which may make have you believing you just stepped out of a time machine). An accompanying guest who is not participating in the courses is always welcome to stay with them, without any extra cost. On the other hand, for those who find the Greek language courses on-campus a bit “too isolated” and the area “too rural,” we suggest  accommodation in Evdilos. The Centre’s mini van will daily drive you for free to the lesson, also return you back home after the end of the lesson or activity.


There are two beds, a kitchenette and an en-suite bathroom in each room. Each room can host 2 people. The rooms are all located adjacent to the campus’ course venues. The rest of the facilities and services include:

  • indoors and open-air classrooms,
  • linen,
  • wi-fi,
  • free access to a washing machine and
  • a large common kitchen.

Local transport

After class hours we facilitate visits to the coastal Karavostamo or the port of Evdilos for shopping, food and swimming. However, if you want to visit the famous beaches and sights of the island, you need to have your own vehicle.  You can rent a car or scooter from Evdilos. However, if you are staying in August and want to rent a car, you must make a reservation in advance. It is unlikely that you will be able to find anything last minute.


There is no canteen, restaurant or grocery store at the campus.  Breakfast or meals are NOT served, however students may use the kitchenette in their room or the common area in order to prepare their breakfast and meals. In the nearby villages of Arethousa (15 min by foot) and Karavostamo (less than 10 min by car) there are small grocery stores, cafes, and tavernas.  The cost of living in Ikaria is still quite inexpensive: A meal at one of the local tavernas costs about €10-14 (including wine).