Online Greek language courses

Online Greek language lessons for beginners,
Oct-Dec 21

Aimed at students who can read, write and speak a little Greek, but have great difficulty in oral communication and grammar (can not form phrases such as “I want to buy a newspaper – Θέλω να αγοράσω μια εφημερίδα” (level A1)

– After enrolling in the course you must submit a quiz that will help us to assess your level and your vocabulary / grammar needs.

Duration: 10 weeks, from Mon Oct. 11th – Sat. Dec 18th 2021

Video meetings: Every Saturday 10:00-12:00 (time in Greece). First meeting on Saturday Oct. 16th, last meeting on Saturday Dec. 18th 2021. Number of students per meeting: from 3 to 5

Asynchronous teaching: Students can participate in the lesson asynchronously, without participating in video meetings

Cost: 195 Euros (asynchronous teaching), 400 Euros (with participation in video meetings)

Free trial: 2 weeks