Online Greek language courses

Online Greek language lessons for low intermediate,
Oct-Dec 21

This online Greek language course is aimed at students who know the basic grammar and tenses of some basic verbs, but do not have vocabulary or grammar to communicate in everyday life (level A2-B1)
– After enrolling in the course you must submit a quiz that will help us to assess your level and your vocabulary / grammar needs.

Duration: 10 weeks, from Mon Oct. 11th – Sat. Dec 18th 2021

Video meetings: Every Saturday 15:00-17:00 (time in Greece). First meeting on Saturday Oct. 16th, last meeting on Saturday Dec. 18th 2021. Number of students per meeting: from 3 to 5

Asynchronous teaching: Students can participate in the lesson asynchronously, without participating in video meetings

Cost: 195 Euros (asynchronous teaching), 400 Euros (with participation in video meetings)

Free trial: 2 weeks