Online Greek lessons

Online Greek lessons either by participating in video meetings with the teacher, in groups of 3 to 5 people, or asynchronously. In asynchronous teaching:

  • The material of each lesson includes texts, listening, grammar, gap filling exercises and other language games.
  • Your assignments are sent for correction and you can always communicate with your teacher and other students through the course forums.
  • Students also practice speaking and listening comprehension through special exercises, also recording their voice and sending the file to the teacher for corrections.

What is the structure of the online Greek lessons?

A lot of time is devoted to students in order to speak and practise the new vocabulary / grammar. A lot of language games and activities we are using in our “live” Greek language courses are adapted for online use and motivate – facilitate students to speak. During the lessons, we use the online textbooks and grammar notebooks we have uploaded on this web site. Students have access to the materials and do their homework. According to their level, students undertake projects they must present in the lessons. Also according to their level, students may also work on projects and interview Greeks, outside of class hours. We (the school, Ikarian Centre) bring in contact the Greeks with our students.

Placement test

If you are not sure about your level do not worry. A first assessment is made by enrolling in the course, through a test. If the course you choose is not suitable for your level, you can change course.

Free trial period

For each course there is a free trial period, usually 2 weeks. After the trial period you can stop if you are not satisfied, or continue paying the full cost of the course.

Do I need to install Skype or zoom for online Greek lessons?

In our video meetings you do not need to install new software on your computer. The browser you use to read this page is enough. We recommend firefox or google chrome or chromium (for linux). We are sending you a link that you can use to connect to the online classroom.