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/ Questions and answers

Some useful answers to frequently asked questions regarding our Greek language courses on the island of Ikaria

What about Check-in – Check-out of the students?
We are expecting our students to arrive one day before the lesson starts, and  leave the day after the end of the lessons. If you have to come earlier or leave later, please contact us.

What about my level? Will you have a group for me?
Our groups are small, 6- 12 people, divided into 3 or more classes according to their levels. Each class contains from 1 to maximum 4 students. Classes are formed after the arrival of the students in Ikaria, according to the students’ real needs. However, it would be useful for us if you could send us the a test than can help us to estimate your level long before you arrive on the island. You’ll receive the test after your enrollment in a course.

What is the daily schedule during the courses?
We give lessons from Monday to Friday. Lessons on Monday are taking place in the afteroon – evening, so students may arrive even on Monday. For more details please check the daily schedule

How to get to Ikaria?
There are different options. One way is the flight form Athens or Thessaloniki. ( or From several European cities you can buy one ticket to Ikaria with Aegean. You can also take the ferry to Evdilos from Athens (Pireus), Mykonos (1,5 hour trip) or Samos. You can probably find cheap flights from European airports to Mykonos.  For more information regarding see how to get to Ikaria

Will you pick me up from the airport or the port?
We’ll pick you up for free from the port of Evdilos any time of the day or night, although you might wait for us for a while. We can also pick you up from the airport on Sunday and drive you to the airport on Friday or Saturday. However you might have to wait for a couple of hours at the airport, as we can make only one transfer per day, and perhaps other students leave or come with a different flight, in a different time.

Do I need to rent a car?
We arrange a few excursions on the island and daily local transport to nearby beaches and villages, for swim and food, with our own vehicles. However, if you like to be more independent you can rend a car or a scooter. You can find a car or a scooter after your arrival, unless if you are planing to come to Ikaria between July 20th & August 30th. During this period of time, it’s wise to reserve a car or a scooter in advance

What to bring with me?
Hiking shoes is a good idea, if you want to walk on the mountains. Also a smart phone or a tablet / computer, something you can use to connect yourself to the internet and listen to audio files. A towel for the beach is necessary, if you want to swim. Linen are provided by us, if you have reserved accommodation in our guest house.