My 2 weeks

It was not a good idea for me to come to Ikaria By airplane because Arethousa is so far away from the airport and I was afraid all the time in my taxidrive!I think that the taxijourney was very expencive too. I have Holiday now and the better way for me is the boat to Evdilo.
Taxidrivers in the airport did not know where is Ikariancenter and I did´nt know the name of the village Arethousa so one of them called to Mihaelis and asked the way. In my papers from Mihaelis I did not have the name ARETHOUSA!
The course was very good and I enjoyed everything there very much. I learned much and the evenings were very good and all the people too.We had very good time together, for example cooked food together 2 times and it was very nice and the food was very good. We had partys 3 times and it was great.
I really want to tell all of you who are thinking what to do that this cource is very good . Stop thinking and DO IT because we all have only one (1) live! Merja, FINLAND