My two fabulous weeks at Ikaria

I have been learning greek for quite some years now and have always wanted to go on a summer school where you can take an intensive language class, however most such classes last for a month or two which can be hard to combine with work or other plans. Luckily I got to know about the greek language course in Ikaria through some people in my greek class in Norway. Some of them had been to Ikaria many times and were praising the place and the teaching method. I decided to go on a two weeks course and as you can imagine I had really high expectations.I was not disappointed – it is the best language class I have ever been to. The teachers are very good, the classes are small, and the teaching method is excellent. It is a good mix between grammar, vocabulary, listening excercice and language games in order to get us to practice our new words. If you want to practice your speaking skills, I highly recommend you take this course. Personally I really like the funny games we play in order to remember the words. I cannot remember having laughed till I cried at any other greek class I have been to.Living at the centre gives you lots and lots of opportunity to practice your greek, both in class as well as before and after. And the course is so much more than the classes. Nearly every day there is an additional programme which means you will get the chance to learn how to cook greek food, learn about an interesting topic, learn greek songs, watch movies, and go hiking to mention a few. Another good thing about living at the centre is that you really get to know the other students. Spending so much time with other greek and grammar enthusiasts was a joy!As you probably have understood I had two wonderful weeks and my expectations were more than met. I will definitely go back to Ikaria in the future, and hope to see some of you there.

Kaja Ebbing