There are places where one stays and places that stay in one

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I attended classes in September 2017 and I really enjoyed the experience. I never thought that in just two weeks you could learn a lot, thanks to the great organization and the great professionalism of the teacher. It has been a great experience, both the classes and the activities, especially due to the good atmosphere between teachers and students, very positive in every way.
I had my lessons in both places
Ikaria is a wonderful place with unique natural beauty and kind people. I loved especially the fact that their way of life has not yet been altered by tourism; these days it is difficult to come across such an untouched place, full of natural beauty and energy. Eudilos is a port with a lot of charm. While it is true that it is not very large, that does not prevent you from having a wide variety of restaurants, in which to taste products of the land. The stay at the Atheras hotel was very pleasant; people in charge of the hotel were always willing to help. The beach of Kampos (half an hour on foot) is very beautiful with its small pebbles and clear waters and it is not crowded.

  • PS:
    1) My improvement in Greek is More than I was expecting
    2) I am strongly motivated to keep learning Greek, thanks to the course!
    3) I had a good time in the afternoon activities and learn a lot