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Impression book
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Impression book

Lessons in language and life on the Greek island of Ikaria
By Anna Hestler January 31, 2013 Read the article in Washington Post At a mini-market on the Greek island of Ikaria, I study the labels on various items, trying to decipher their meaning. It’s been three days since I left my Greek husband back in New York and dove headfirst into a local language immersion course. I’m feeling a tad out of my depth.

Lessons in language and life on the Greek island of Ikaria

What can I say about my experience that nobody has already expressed? For me, when the time came to leave, I couldn’t remember what life was like anywhere else in the world. But that’s just it… in Ikaria, you are able to forget the world and focus on what it is that you came for… Each morning, I awoke to the soft sound of bells on sheep and to the crows of roosters. The sun bled in through my window

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Una bellissima esperienza in un posto magico. Due settimane di corso intensivo con Mihali a Ikaria valgono come un anno di lezioni private ma, in più, in una cornice straordinaria come quella di un paesino sperduto nella natura in un’isola dell’Egeo. Grazie, ευχαριστώ πολύ !Alberto (Trieste, Italy)

May 2018

Send by María Teresa Montaño Martín – Find María Teresa Montaño Martín at social media I attended classes in September 2017 and I really enjoyed the experience. I never thought that in just two weeks you could learn a lot, thanks to the great organization and the great professionalism of the teacher. It has been a great experience, both the classes and the activities, especially due to the good atmosphere between teachers and students, very positive in every way.

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