Accommodation in Ikaria & olive harvest


Spend some days of November at the Ikarian Centre guesthouse in Ikaria and participate in the island’s olive harvest.

The harvest starts by the end of October and continues until the end of November, depending on the weather conditions and the start of the rain. Our guests work for a few hours per day in the nearby fields, optionally and for fun; we don’t expect our guests to harvest all the trees in the region! By participating, our guests will have the opportunity to find out how the olive oil is produced, and to meet and speak with locals. We will also visit an oil press and watch how olive oil is made from the harvest.

Additional activities include lectures and slide shows about the history of Ikaria and the history of olive oil, visits to local families, cooking lessons, hiking, and traditional dance lessons with local dance teachers. If possible, we also join in one of the small scale panigiria of the season and enjoy the good food and music without the summer crowds.

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You reserve number of rooms. One “seat” means one room for 1 or 2 people, adults and children.

As the ferry and airplane schedule to Ikaria is not announced until early – middle summer, Check-in, Check-out is acceptable one or two days prior or after the selected days below.


The cost doesn’t include any kind of meals, nor breakfast. Please note that meals and breakfast are NOT served at all. Our guests can use the kitchenettes provided in each room to prepare their breakfast or simple meals.


Accommodation is provided in the complex that hosts the Greek language students of Ikarian Centre, next the the Centre’s headquarters, 1,5 Km outside the settlement of Arethousa.

Languages we speak

English & Greek


How to get to Ikaria

How to get to Ikaria

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