Greek language course in autumn & olive harvest


11 or 17 day course. You can also combine it with a long term lesson. Season: Middle – end of October – November. Combine Greek language lessons in Greece with participation in the olive harvest.


The lessons are intended for any adult who wishes to improve his or her skills in the Greek language, including beginners. Friends of yours may also come with you and participate in the olive harvest and in the rest of our activities, without participating in the Greek classes.

The Greek language course & olive harvest is an opportunity to begin learning Greek, or to improve your skills in the Greek language while participating in the olive harvest – an experience both enjoyable and educational. You will learn about the various steps in the production of olive oil and have a chance to get to know a Greek island well apart from the usual tourist areas. This is a time when the island life returns to its normal rhythm.

  • 1-4 students per class
  • Homogeneous classes
  • 40 teaching hours in 17 days or 26,6 teaching hours in 11 days (128 min / day X 10 days)
  • Lower fees for young students (less than 35 years old)
  • Sundays are days off, on Saturdays we give lessons
  • Information regarding accommodation, daily schedule etc, is available on the main page: Greek language courses in Ikaria

What will we be doing?

Olive harvest starts by the end of October and continues until the end of November, depending on the weather conditions and when the rain starts. After the language lessons, students who wish can work for a few hours harvesting olives in the nearby fields, optionally and for fun; we are not expecting our students to harvest all the trees of the region 🙂 However, in this way students will have the opportunity to find out how the olive oil is produced, also to meet some locals and speak with them. We will also visit an oil press and watch how olive oil is made from the olives. Course activities include visits to local families, cooking lessons by the teachers or women of the village,  slide shows, conversation classes, film projections, lessons with Greek songs and traditional dance lessons with locals. If possible, we also participate in one of the small scale panigiris of the season, with good food and music, but without the multicolor crowd of the summer.

The weather in October – November is unstable, but still not very cold, although there are some hard days with cold and rain. Rooms on-campus are well-heated. Some visits to the nearby villages (Evdilos, Karavostamo, Arethousa) for shopping, a tsipouro or good local food are organized according to the mood of the group.