Do you have my level?

Üzgünüz, bu metin yalnızca Amerikan İngilizcesi ve Yunanca dillerinde yazılmıştır. 

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We accept students form all levels in each course of the schedule, unless we clearly declare something different. However, a small group with students at a similar level is the key for the success of a lesson. For this reason we divide the students of each course in different classes, according to the students’ levels and the speed at which the can move forward in the lesson.

The classes are formed after students arrive, and after we evaluate their language skills via a written quiz and an oral interview.  We look for gaps in grammar and vocabulary, the skill level in oral communication in Greek, and the general level of motivation of each student.

Also note that instead of the students adjusting to the course we prefer to do the opposite in our lessons: The course is adjusted according to the needs of the class and each individual student.

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